Pianist, Teacher,

Composer, Artist.

Wayne Bethanis is a true original. He is a best selling, award winning New Age Piano recording artist, a television and radio host of his own show, the Wayne Zone, which is broadcast worldwide, and popular expert on music, having a PhD in Music. Since early childhood wayne has been known for his great talent at the piano and engaging personality both onstage and through his original music, which continues to find new audiences worldwide. Wayne's goal is to share his talent, knowledge and musical creativity with anyone who will benefit and to always remind you that you have a great artist in you!
As a lecturers, music expert, and teacher Dr. Wayne Bethanis has published several articles on the arts, lectures extensively, and trained students to compete and win on the international level. His dissertation on Mozart was chosen to be housed at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.
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Music is the New Medicine

- Wayne Bethanis