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  Check out some cool info about Wayne below and look forward to more music,
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  Wayne Bethanis is a true original. He is an actor, comedian, composer and
  world-class musician. He has a Ph.D in music, has studied acting at the Hollywood
  Film Institute, and comedy improv with Gary Austin, founder of the Groundlings. 
   He has also been a returning actor in residence at the International Film and
  Television workshops each summer.

  Wayne has appeared in numerous films and TV projects, including his own show,
  The Wayne Bethanis Show, which highlights his engaging, often hilarious onstage
  persona at, and away from, the piano.


Always inspiring you to enjoy great music and express your own creativity, look for Wayne on TV and right here at
www.WayneBethanis.com for updates and cool ideas about music and YOU.



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